Ticket to Ride Switzerland replacement cards now available

t2r.gifDespite our best efforts we sometimes experience printing problems with our game components. Some of the Destination Ticket card decks in the Ticket to Ride Switzerland expansion, while certainly playable, did not meet our expectations for a Days of Wonder game.

It has taken us some time to get a solution in place, but we have reprinted high-quality replacement cards and are offering them free of charge to those of you who purchased the game and were unsatisfied by the quality of the cards. We will also pay the cost of mailing the replacements out to you.

To qualify for the free replacement card program you must have a registered copy of either Ticket to Ride or Ticket to Ride Europe and be logged into your Days of Wonder account to order your replacement deck.

Click Switzerland Replacement Deck to order yours.

The Train Engineers at Days of Wonder…

Swiss 3D Box

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19 Responses to “Ticket to Ride Switzerland replacement cards now available”

  1. Ravensson says:

    Wow…thanks so much! This was the one game from you that I was not completely satisfied with, loved the game but so disappointed with the quality, even though I have other games you printed in China, this one was bad. But once again you have proved you willingness to make things right by your customers.

    Thanks again,

  2. Ryan Walberg says:

    I don’t see the “Switzerland Replacement Deck” link anywhere. Is it in the store or elsewhere? I’m logged in and I have registered a web card for TtR:Europe.

  3. Ryan Walberg says:

    Oh, I see, the link is in the blog post. The stylesheet doesn’t indicate that it’s a link though.

  4. ColtsFan76 says:

    Thank you for this. The cards never seemed right. I guess I need to log my TTR game finally and let the time start to expire! 😉

  5. Isaac says:

    This goes a long way toward redeeming your dedication to quality products. Thank you for providing us with replacements.

  6. Paul Close says:

    Unless DOW has changed the way they track access numbers, this penalizes those who don’t want to start the clock ticking down on their online access. While I should have to prove I own the game, I should not be forced to start the clock ticking on online game play that I can’t make use of right now!

  7. Bobby says:


    Should they just send decks to everyone? They aren’t even asking for proof of ownership for TTR:S, just one of the two games needed to play the expansion. The cards are playable as is, so if you don’t want to register your games you can still play the expansion.

  8. Paul Close says:

    They should make the cards available to everyone who owns TTR: Switzerland and can prove it, or they should not make the cards available at all. This half-way solution sucks. I own the game, I can prove it. I have a problem with the cards. I should qualify for a replacement, or the option to purchase a replacement deck for a nominal fee, not have to give up my online access for A DIFFERENT GAME! They’re extracting a penalty for requesting replacement cards; they are not doing anyone a favor.

  9. Paul Close says:

    “The cards are playable as is, so if you don’t want to register your games you can still play the expansion.”

    The crappy, cheap cards included in my TTR: Switzerland started to delaminate after the 3rd play, so I definitely can NOT still play the expansion, despite owning the game. Quite frankly, I’m ready to throw it in the garbage. When I spotted this today:

    “we have reprinted high-quality replacement cards and are offering them free of charge to those of you who purchased the game and were unsatisfied by the quality of the cards.”

    I thought I’d finally be able to get a replacement deck that will work and keep on working. Having to use up my online access just to get a replacement for what is obviously defective just it isn’t worth it though.

  10. baba44713 says:

    Oh come on, DoW does the right thing and offers the replacement cards, free of charge, and people still complain. In retrospect, DoW should have put unique IDs on each of TTR:S boxes and it would solve all these problems, but since they didn’t, a half-solution is better then no solution at all. Thanks DoW!

  11. David Tracy says:

    Thanks very much, this is great news!

    And yes, people will complain about *anything* these days. Gadzooks!

  12. Diane Close says:

    Consumers will fall for anything these days, as long as you say it’s “free”.

    I’d like to point out that this offer excludes legitimate TTR: Switzerland owners who don’t have web access, or who own TTR: Nordic (which make Switzerland just as playable as TTR or TTR: Europe).

    And I expect there will be many individuals who own the base game(s) but NOT TTR: Switzerland, who will grab these “free” cards to sell or trade. How long until packs start showing up on ebay, eh? Not long, I’d bet.

    DOW, you should’ve thought this one through better! TTR: Switzerland owners should qualify for replacement cards, full stop!

  13. HIEW Chok Sien says:

    I think the DoW team is going the extra mile for their customers. In my opinion they really didn’t need to do this free card replacement. I own TTR Switzerland, and yes, the cards are thinner than usual, but it is not really as disastrous as some people make it sound. However DoW takes pride in their game quality and customer service, and did it for us. That’s something I’m very happy about and grateful for.

  14. Kjetil says:

    Thank you! I was very, very (very) disappointed when I first saw the old cards, but this will yet again make you guys number one! Really amazing how far DoW is willig to stretch to make the customers happy.

    ..and happy we are!

    Thank you

  15. Noaceyet says:

    Why can’t DOW send out replacement cards after you send them the defective deck back? Then there are no worries about using the Web Access card.

    Plus..I don’t know….RioGrande never makes a fuss about these things. I just sent an e-mail, and the “defect” was rectified. And I remember when the original TtR boards were defective (missing number on scoring track)….DoW didn’t make a fuss getting replacement boards out back then. Just sned the deck to Paul. It will be good press, and it won’t cost much.

  16. Diane Close says:

    I am happy to report that DOW IS addressing our situation, and I have asked them to address the larger situation of users who don’t have Internet access. DOW stated that it wasn’t their intent to keep legitimate Ticket to Ride Switzerland owners from getting the replacement cards, and I requested that they address that issue more fully as their original offer features pretty exclusionary language/restrictions and does not give the impression that this is a negotiable situation.

  17. Dan says:

    Thanks as always, DOW, for GREAT customer service! The original cards were a bit substandard, but I don’t feel that you owed us a thing! The fact that you’re providing replacements is just one more example of your commitment to keeping your customers happy. Thanks again!

  18. John says:

    Good job, DOW. I finally picked this up yesterday after I read you were replacing the cards.

  19. Thank you DOW!!!

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