Introducing the User Pages: Create your own content!

Go to my User PagesOur web development team is pleased to introduce you to an important new addition to our site – User Pages.

These are web pages created by you and other Days of Wonder fans that can include: personal articles on your gaming experiences; house rules variants; tips and tricks; uploaded photos and files; online gaming stats, and custom Memoir ’44 scenarios that you may want to share.

The User Pages section can be accessed from any Days of Wonder web page by clicking on the “User Pages” item in the top menu bar. The main page will show the most recent activity, the most viewed and best rated User Pages, etc. You will also see information related to your own use, such as User Pages of your buddies, and your favorite pages.

Memoir ’44 User Pages

As you will see, the first release of the User Pages is focused on the Memoir ’44 community and uses Memoir design elements. We will implement new templates for BattleLore and Ticket to Ride in the coming months, using the feedback we get from the initial Memoir ’44 users.

The Memoir ’44 User Page automatically includes information from other areas, such as the Scenarios from the Front. It also features sections that allow you to write articles, post files for download by other players, and more. There is even an Image Gallery, where you can showcase your latest painted miniatures or pics from your latest battles.

In addition to your own pages, the Memoir ’44 Center acts as a portal into Memoir ’44 activity from other users. Found in the Main Directories section, it displays preferred scenarios, best contributors, etc.

Getting Started and Creating Your First User Page

We suggest you browse the main page, the Memoir ’44 Center and a few User Pages, to get a feel for how they work. Then read the very short “Getting Started with User Pages” explanation, and click on the big “Go to My User Pages” button. A new page will be created and displayed for you automatically.

As you will see, the features are very easy to use. No technical knowledge is needed as text entry is done directly inside the page. We put a lot of effort into the User Pages interface to clear away the usual technical roadblocks that make web publishing so painful. So create, write, browse and have fun with these new User Pages!

For feed-back and discussions, visit the User Pages forum thread.

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  1. 50th says:

    I like it, great way to share our favorite things about M44

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