Merlin’s Company: Seven New Knights!

sc.jpgThe forces of evil are gathering … Now, more than ever, Camelot needs new knights to fight the dark shadows that threaten to engulf the kingdom once again. Fortunately, Merlin’s Company comes to the rescue with seven new characters, each with its own unique sense of honor!

Discover the seven new heroic Knights of the Round Table: Sir Bors, Sir Caradoc, Sir Gaheris, Sir Gareth, Sir Geraint, Sir Lamorak, Sir Owain; also joining them is the famed Sir Bedivere, Lord of Dunraven. Each of these Knights uses a miniature from the original game but with a new Coat of Arms and special power. All have pledged allegiance to King Arthur. But will they be strong enough to resist the dark temptations of evil, and remain loyal to the cause? Evil lurks, and rumor has it that there might be not just one, but possibly even two traitors in their midst!

Sire Gaheris

But do not despair! For during this darkest of hours, the forces of good are not fighting alone. Merlin himself is on his way to aid the Company with his awe-inspiring magic. Represented by his own figure, he moves on his own from Quest to Quest, lending a helping hand to the valiant Knights.

Carte Merlin

That is a good thing, for without him, there seems to be little hope of victory… Morgan is said to be gathering her own coven of witches… Never before has the Round Table faced such troubled times.

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3 Responses to “Merlin’s Company: Seven New Knights!”

  1. Mark Boyd says:

    Shadows is a favorite in my circle of friends and to hear that there is an expansion coming soon is great! It sounds like it will definitely kick the game up a notch. Thanks for all your hard work!

  2. Nordiskanc says:

    I can’t wait for this to come out. Shadows is the most requested game in my gaming group. Hope this is out for Origins!

  3. leo says:

    i hope,price will be reasonable…. no new quests, new knights without miniatures…not serious…

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