Winners – Memoir ’44 Air Plane Painting Contest


airpack_initial.jpgMemoir ’44 Air Pack Airplane Painting Contest
The Envelope Please…

Due to the writer’s strike we’ve had to forgo the big televised ceremony, but the winners of the Memoir ’44 Air Plane Painting Contest are…

Second Runner Up: Eldurand – Me-109


First Runner Up: Whiterook – P40


Grand Prize Winner (drumroll please…):

Brummbär – Me-109


Each of the two runners-up will also be given a copy of the Memoir ‘44 expansion of their choice and Brummbär will receive a custom, large-scale, printed map of his own Disaster at Dieppe scenario. In addition, we’ve arranged for Disaster at Dieppe to be printed in an upcoming edition of Game Trade Magazine.

Congratulations To Brummbär, Whiterook and Eldurand and thanks to everyone who participated in the painting contest.

2 Responses to “Winners – Memoir ’44 Air Plane Painting Contest”

  1. Brummbär says:

    Thanks for the opportunity and the great prize! I look forward to receiving it!

    Congrats to Whiterook and Eldurand as well… nice work!

  2. ColtsFan76 says:

    Congratulations to all 3 of you! They look great. And while I am not sure if it was planned on the judges part, I like how all 3 compliment each other by being on different boards.

    Great job all!

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