Air Pack Airplane Painting Contest!


Days of Wonder and Game Trade Magazine announce the Memoir ’44 Air Pack Airplane Painting Contest! You could win a custom, large-scale map of your favorite Memoir ’44 scenario, by painting the best Air Pack plane as judged by Days of Wonder.


Visit the While the planes that come in the Air Pack are beautifully painted, we want to give you an opportunity to paint and fly your own truly unique airplane. We’ve randomly inserted an unpainted version of one of seven planes included in the Air Pack into each copy of the November issue of Game Trade Magazine. We invite you to take that plane, create your own custom paint job – using paint schemes, camouflage, roundels and insignias from whichever period or campaign of the war that you like – then submit a photograph of your plane to us.

To get your unpainted plane, you can pick up a copy of the November issue from many local game stores or contact Game Trade Magazine.


Visit the Airplane Painting Contest Gallery page where you can upload the image of your painted plane. It will then be automatically entered into a contest to win a custom, large-scale, printed map of the Memoir ’44 battle of your choice. This map will be similar to those that Days of Wonder uses to play Overlord battles on at major Memoir ’44 events and conventions. Two runner-up prizes will also be awarded – a copy of the Memoir ’44 expansion of their choice.

All entries must consist of a photograph of one of the planes from the Memoir ’44 Air Pack expansion and be submitted prior to midnight, December 31, 2007. Winners will be selected by Days of Wonder and announced on January 15, 2008. Here are the complete contest rules.

Happy Painting and Good Luck!

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