Essen ’07 : New games and designers !

corpo-100.jpgEssen ’07 is coming…

We will be in Halle 12 like last year (booth #12-68).

There we will show Ticket to Ride Switzerland for the first time.

Wolfgang Kramer will be on our booth (#12-68) on thursday october 18th at 11AM and on saturday october 20th at 1PM to sign Colosseum games and answer your questions!

On sunday october 21st (from 11.30AM), a round of the first german championship of BattleLore will take place on our booth (#12-68). Richard Borg will be there to sign games and answer your questions!

See you there!

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3 Responses to “Essen ’07 : New games and designers !”

  1. Steen says:

    I’m looking forward seeing you. Will the Memoir ’44 Air Pack be at the fair – for show or to purchase?

  2. Nibbler says:

    I Can’t believe i cannot make it. I would like to get some BL goodies and the M44 Air pack if they have it there.

  3. labalbi says:

    No more news about Air pack ?
    No rules available ? I would like to get the rules book before the Air Pack hits the stores.
    Im saving every dollar for it , and I have strong faith that DOW wont disappoint us .


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