Kamikaze, Recon & Rescue…

airpack_initial.jpgKamikaze Attack (Zero)

Special Action: Airplane dives on an adjacent enemy ground or ship unit, rolling 2 dice and ignoring terrain protection. Any symbol rolled that scores a hit on the unit targeted causes the entire unit (not just a single figure!) to be removed from the battlefield. Flags and Stars are ignored.


The Airplane is removed from the field regardless of the dice results, but does not give a Medal to its opponent unless at least 1 Grenade was rolled.

Phase of play: This action takes place at the end of the Airplane’s move during the player’s Movement phase.


Recon (Storch)

Special Action: If Airplane is adjacent to at least 1 enemy ground (but not Airplane!) unit when you replenish your hand of Command cards, you may draw 2 Command cards instead of 1; choose 1 and discard the other.

Phase of play: The Storch player’s turn.

Rescue (Storch)

Special Action: Airplane may be used to rescue.jpgremove an adjacent friendly infantry unit with a single figure off the board, at no Medal cost.

Airplane is considered to end its Air Sortie immediately, and is also removed from the board at no Medal cost.

If the infantry unit was moved before the Airplane’s move, it may still be picked up and saved!

Phase of play: This action takes place at the end of the Storch move.

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2 Responses to “Kamikaze, Recon & Rescue…”

  1. Bill48 says:

    Cool. Don’t know how many games I’ve lost where I had a unit with just one figure get nailed with an air power or barrage card.

    I’m probably reading too much into this, but what happens with a Kamikaze attack when the unit you dive can only be hit with a grenade? Does that mean you need two grenades to give a medal to your opponent, or does one grenade mean both players get medals?

    How do you sink a destroyer, anyway?

  2. Mark Runyon says:

    I really like the “Rescue” capability. Excellent! Christmas in November! That makes Thanksgiving in October, and I missed Halloween.

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