First Missions – Strafing, Ground Support & Ground Interdiction…

airpack_initial.jpgOnce airborne, an Airplane may move up to 4 hexes per turn and do a single Air Battle Action of the player’s choice each turn.

Unlike ground units, an Airplane may fly over any hexes, including unit-occupied hexes, terrain hexes and even impassable terrain hexes during its movement, provided it ends its movement on a vacant hex.

The reverse is not true, however, and a ground unit cannot move onto or through a hex occupied by an Airplane, even if this Airplane is airborne.


Each turn it is ordered, an Airplane must move at least 1 hex; and an Airplane can never move twice over the same hex during the course of a single turn nor end its move on the hex it started on.

Air Battle – Special Actions

Airplanes do not battle in the traditional way. Instead, an Airplane may use its “air battle” action to accomplish a single Special Action from among those available to its Aircraft type. This Special Action takes place during the Combat phase of the Airplane player’s turn, unless specified otherwise.

Strafing (All airplanes except Storch)

Special Action:Roll 1d against each enemy unit in up to 3 contiguous adjacent hexes, ignoring terrain protection on all of these hexes. Carry out the Airplane’s full movement of up to 4 hexes before rolling the dice. Unit symbols and Grenades rolled apply as normal. Stars rolled also cause hits, and Flags rolled cannot be ignored.


Note that Strafing differs from playing the standard Air Power command card in that not all hexes need to be occupied by enemy units; some may be vacant or occupied by friendly units, against which no die is rolled. One less hex can be targeted, because the Airplane must end its movement on a vacant hex; and only 1 die is rolled against each unit on a strafed hex, even when attacking with Allied Airplanes.

Phase of play: This action takes place during the Airplane’s
move, in the Movement phase.

Ground Support (Corsair, P38, Yak-1, Yak-9)

Special Action: Airplane negates terrain protection for all enemy units adjacent to the Airplane and attacked by ground troops in Close Assault this turn.


Ground Interdiction (Me 109, P40, Spitfire, Yak-7)

Special Action: Any ordered enemy ground unit that starts its turn adjacent to the Airplane cannot move this turn, though it may still battle, and will not add to the Airplane’s Air Check roll, unlike other enemy units, when the Airplane is activated again.


Any ordered enemy ground unit that moves onto a hex adjacent to the Airplane must stop and cannot battle this turn, but adds to the Airplane’s Air Check roll as normal.

To help distinguish between enemy ground units that start their turn adjacent to the Airplane and those that move next to it, and to remember that these units do not count toward the Airplane’s Air Check value, we recommend using the Bomb Crater markers that come
with the pack.



Phase of play: The benefit of this action occurs during the Airplane Opponent’s Movement and Combat phases.

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4 Responses to “First Missions – Strafing, Ground Support & Ground Interdiction…”

  1. Rasmussen says:

    Sublime! Magnificent! I love the rules and now I know what will be at the top of my wish list for Christmas this year!!!

  2. Pat33 says:

    I see this adds a big element of strategy to the game. I like it a LOT! I do hope that the airplane has an attack where it can battle more than 1 die per hex like the strafing does.

  3. Mark Jackson says:

    Man, I’m looking forward to this… why do we have to wait ’til November?! 🙂

    Seriously, I like the way it affects play without overwhelming the primary focus of the game – ground combat.

  4. Ron 50th says:

    Very, Very cool! What about bombing? I cannot wait to add this to some of my scenarios. Very good, and I think it will be worth the wait.

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