Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries


Days of Wonder, the publisher of top-quality boardgames, announces the upcoming release of Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries, a local market version of its award-winning Ticket to Ride game series.


Unlike prior Ticket to Ride products, this version will only be available and sold in the Nordic Countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. “We have had an incredible success with the Ticket to Ride product-line in the Nordic countries. The base game won the game of the year in Finland and Sweden, and has experienced tremendous success” says Pierre Gaubil from Days of Wonder.
“This new version is a recognition of the growing importance of this marketplace and a way for us to thank our distribution partners for their success and our nordic customers for their fidelity.”

The game is published as a full game, not an expansion, to fit local channel requirements.

Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries is designed specifically for 2 or 3 players.

Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries takes you on a Nordic adventure through Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden as you travel to the great northern cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm.

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30 Responses to “Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries”

  1. Kjetil1 says:

    It’s of course cool that we up in the north get our own TtR. Most of Norway is missing in the original. But do you have to draw up this lap-character and its reindeer on the box? THe snow is ok, but we don’t all go around dressed like that, with our own raindeer in the driveway.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Wait…why can’t I buy this in the US? It seems it would be cheaper to do a larger print run in multiple languages at the same time.

  3. Jac_ says:

    Switzerland is also a norhtern country??? Well for this at least??? I WANT this game also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Pierre says:

    At this point in time we will only publish this game in the Nordic Countries.
    The reasons are:

    -The gameplay is too close to the Swiss map that is about to be released, and we fear that having both maps at the same time would saturate the market.

    -We had to publish a full game, given the retail channel in the Nordic Countries is not fond of expansions. This makes the game a $40 game. We think our expansion format is better suited for the rest of the world. For this reason the larger print argument does not work.

    -We also wanted to do something special for Christmas in this region of the world, given the current success of Ticket to Ride.

    Our intention is not to frustrate the players but to the contrary to offer a coherent product-line. One step at a time, we hope to renew the Ticket to Ride series, keeping the interest level high.



  5. Rob Zurfluh says:

    Picture of the Map….


    Cool looking map. A lot of people want this. Why not give exclusive rights or limited number of games to the US market. It will be more expensive, but fans with the urge to get all the titles in the series don’t mind.

    That being said, I am going to look for a Scandinavian friend on the Geek now.

  6. Brent says:

    quote from Kjetil1:
    THe snow is ok, but we don’t all go around dressed like that, with our own raindeer in the driveway.
    end quote…

    hehe, I don’t think the game takes place in 2007. Maybe in the time period (late 1800s to 1910) they did dress like this?


  7. G. Jay Christensen says:

    As a half Nordic person (Danish), can’t we work out some deal from Ticket to Ride: Nordic to be sold in the U.S. or over the Internet for U.S. customers? After all, many of us identify with the Nordic countries and their rich heritage as well as their excellent railroads.

    Best, Dr. Jay

    G. Jay Christensen
    Gamer for over 30 years and a fan of Ticket to Ride

  8. Jeff Horger says:

    Since I have all current Ticket games, I am a bit put off about not being able to even order this game in the US. I would even order it in the original language and translate it if necessary. So if I can’t buy them all, I guess I don’t need any more.

  9. Bob Scherer-Hoock says:


    Couldn’t help noticing that the TTR:Nordic Countries box art is in English on the DofW website, as it is in the boardgamenews.com post, whereas the art on the Finnish publisher Lautapelit’s website is not. Is the English box art a tease, or will it actually exist in some quantity? And if it does exist, where will those be sold?


  10. Pia2415 says:

    Hi, when can we buy it up here in the north? October, november or december? Thanks for a great game!!!

  11. Pierre says:

    The name for Ticket to Ride in Finnish is Menolippu, the name for the Scandinavian version (includes Danish, Swedish and Norwegian) is Ticket to Ride. So the box Ticket to Ride is not a fake one, it is the Scandinavian version.



  12. Jorge says:

    Why call it ‘TtR Nordic Countries’? ‘TtR Scandinavia’ would sound better.

  13. Christ says:

    It is called TTR Nordic Countries and not Scandinavia because Finland is not part of Scandinavia…

  14. Ian McCulley says:

    Ticket to Ride “Nordic” should be made available, mail-order if necessary, for us game loving fans in other parts of the world. It does not matter if it is a “regionalised” version, after all, all the versions are “regional” for that matter – USA, Europe, Germany and now Switzerland!.

    As I live right beside the North Sea ferry terminal at North Shields linking UK to Scandinavia and the ferry berths infront of my house, I could not be any closer to the Nordic countries!.

    Any chance of it being available outside this area?

  15. Pierre says:

    I do not know how to say it 🙂 , but the game will not be available outside of the Nordic Countries. That does not mean it will never be available in the rest of the world one day. But for now it will not.

  16. Rob says:

    Keep the Faith.

    Remember when DoW repeatedly told us that Switzerland will not be available as a boardgame version? People went out and bought more of the PC game version to get it (I assume), and then – tada – it became available. Even in the US store

  17. Richard says:

    Since Tallinn appears on the map, will the game be published in Estonia? (PS. I am also disappointed that this won’t be available outside the Nordic countries. It looks so cool, and… how cruel to announce it in public, and then snatch it away!…)

  18. Bobby says:

    Pierre said: That does not mean it will never be available in the rest of the world one day. But for now it will not.

    Terrific news! I looked around and getting the game sent to the U.S. from one of the countries which it is initially being released in would be quite expensive. At least there is hope that it will be seen in the rest of the TtR world.

    Maybe it will be available as an expansion next year like Switzerland is this year? 🙂

  19. 2 Richard says:

    Following the logic, Murmansk is also on the map – so it must be sold in Russia, then?

  20. Eric says:

    We’re not cruel, or at least not intentionally so 😉 . The reason we mentionned it is because we knew that the word would get out eventually, at least on the internet, and that we would get even more questions then if we did not address the issue upfront.

  21. Noaceyet (BGG) says:


    I’ll probably order 5 copies from a”Nordic” online retailer once they become available.

    We’ll be playing this x-mas ’07. Now, who wants a copy and split overseas airmail costs?

  22. ryan3740 says:

    Looks like I’ll be scheduling that trip to Sweden sooner than expected!

  23. Matthew Webster says:

    While it’s great to see new Ticket to Ride versions what about the birth place of railway. When will we get “TtR: Great Britain (and Ireland)”? The London and Edinburgh destinations in TtR: Europe don’t count.

  24. William says:

    I’m lucky that I have family in Norway! The game will be in Holland by the end of this year!!

  25. Tom Cleaveland says:

    What about Ticket to Ride: Sodor? 🙂

  26. Applejuicefool says:

    For those that point out that Nordic people don’t dress like the pictures on the box…Do you think that American and European people commonly dress like the pictures on THOSE boxes?!?


  27. I’ve been to Finland – they dressed EXACTLY like that … in the reindeer tourist attraction 🙂

  28. I was so looking forwards to getting this game. Imagine being able to play T2R in you own country (Denmark that is), but…

    I don’t know how to put it, but I’m quite disapointet by the map. You have managed to cut half of Denmark off, and only include three Danish destinations.

    Suddenly I’m not so sure I’ll get this game.


  29. Joshua Brumley says:

    Maybe the Nordic map will make it’s way to the PC version along some new maps like Africa, East and West Asia, All of North America,(as proud as I am to be be from the US, can’t forget Canada and Mexico.), Austraila, and others. In my humble opinion, it would keep us raving fans at bay 🙂 and open the door for future box sets of T2R. It’d be a lot quicker to make and release a map expansion for the computer game and DOW could get feedback from the fans on what works and what maps are popular.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing the Marklin ed make it on to the computer, but if I have any kind of understanding of licensing, DOW would probably have to pay for a new contract to get it on the PC.


  30. aslskfan says:

    I vote for at least letting people order this of the DOW website for shipping to the US.

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