M44 – Trial by fire

tank-100.jpgOne of the long-standing promise we made regarding Memoir’44 was that one of these days we would tackle the tricky issue of printing good looking scenarios straight out of the Scenario editor.

As many of you who might have tried doing directly from their browser in the past would attest, such an endeavour usually resulted in less than satisfactory outcomes (text cut-outs, misalignments, etc…), with the attending result a far cry from the nicely laid-out versions hand-assembled by our in-house graphic experts before going to print.

Well, that wait is finally (almost) over; today, we are proud to launch the beta version of our PDF & Paper output for the scenario editor.

To try this new functionality out, you simply need to head out to the Scenarios on our site, click on the one you would like to print, and click on the Export PDF… link in the list of options in the upper right corner of your page. A PDF file of the scenario, layed out to almost the same standard as if it had been produced internally by our own graphic studio, will be automatically generated!

Since a good news rarely comes alone, and because we wanted you to have some new scenarios to test this new feature on, we are also releasing this summer’s Conventions Tournament scenarios:

  • [Bataan] Mabatang
  • [Guadalcanal] Tenaru
  • [Guadalcanal] Bloody Ridge
  • [Guadalcanal] Clearing Matanikau River Sector

These scenarios are the official scenarios that will be used at the World Boardgame Championship, as well as in tournaments at Origins and Gencon.


The M44 Company

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17 Responses to “M44 – Trial by fire”

  1. ColtsFan76 says:

    Thank you thank you! I can finally start printing out scenarios they way they were meant to be. And new ones to boot!!!!

  2. Ryan Walberg says:

    Well done! The PDFs look amazing! Can’t wait for the new official scenarios.

  3. Red_zebra says:

    Yes! Will order lots of ink cartridge right now 🙂

  4. Randwulf says:

    oh great…. there go’s all my color ink… do you know how much ink I burned last year!!! good thing I reload my own…

    you guys really are the best.


  5. MYK says:

    Thank goodness work has a color Laser printer 🙂

  6. pl_walker says:

    Thanks guys, while some may disagree, this is clear effort on the part of DOW to satisfy its customers. Again.


  7. Mik Svellov says:

    The PDF converter is a nice try – but still far from perfect.
    try converting the official scenario #45 [Babarossa] Bug River and you will see the problem.

    The problem is that the program isn’t geared to cope with more than 9 different types of terrain (or tokens etc.) and quite a number of scenarios uses far more than that.

    Another typical example of a scenario that cannot be printet properly is #1724 where (1) the headline is blocked, (2) the component section is overlapping the text and (3) the text is too long to fit on a single sheet.

  8. MajorOracle says:

    That’s why it’s called a “beta.”

  9. john says:

    regarding ink consuption: checking off the background checkbox will help

  10. eric says:

    Yes it is still a work in progress (ie a beta). I have opened a sticky thread for Beta feedback on the forum.

  11. Nordiskanc says:

    Maybe you guys (sorry the perfectionist is coming out in me) could fix the scenarios from the Eastern Front so that they have Soviet troops and not allied ones. PDF’s look great.

  12. eric says:

    Done. 😀

  13. Bill Hupp says:

    Can you tell me more about the Origins and Gencon tournaments? Dates and times and how to sign up for them. Where is this information usually posted?


  14. Nordiskanc says:

    The Stalingrad scenario still has allied troops and not Soviets… others are great, I reprinted them out to satisfy the perfectionist.

  15. Eric says:

    Oops. Stalingrad’s now fixed. enjoy!

  16. Jude says:

    Works pretty nice on my Mac using Firefox, too. Thanks! The option to omit the background is really good for saving printing ink.

    Are you going to do this for the Battlelore scenarios, too?


  17. Rob says:

    Thanks for the PDF files – this is great!! Now if we could just get the same thing done at all those Battle Cry fan websites!!!!

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