Online Tools (Part 2) – Ho, ho, ho!

Despite the recent silence that fell on the kingdom (largely as a result of transcontinental expeditions for the upcoming holidays), our in-house goblins have been feverishly slaving away… on a brand new Online Adventure Editor, now available here !

Adventures Editor Screenshot

Among the most notable features, you will find:

  • true multilingual support, with Author’s control on translatability
  • support for double-board (ie Epic) battle maps
  • a wysiwyg war council interface
  • numerous filters for searching through the adventures
  • and all the features already present in the editor’s prior incarnation, developed for Memoir ’44 (Wysiwyg battle map layout, after-action reports, ….)

We thank you all for the tremendous reception you’ve given to BattleLore this far, and wish you all a very happy holidays!

The DoW Council

PS: Our online presence for the next week or so will remain at a subdued level, and resume in full force with the new year.

This post is also available in: French, German

15 Responses to “Online Tools (Part 2) – Ho, ho, ho!”

  1. JJR says:

    What a great Holiday gift! I was really hoping to have the scenario editor for my Christmas break. Thanks for working so hard to get this out!!!!

  2. Bobby4th says:

    There is a small problem with the battle report entry form. It revereses the victory points for the standards and pennants…

  3. Yann says:

    Bobby4th: thanks for the bugs report, it is fixed.

  4. Quizoid says:

    Cute how no one’s posted anything yet. It’s nice to see everyone wants to playtest their adventures before putting them up (O:

  5. nix says:

    They don’t make smileys big enough for how I feel. BattleLore gets unwrapped in two days and then I’ve got a week of vacation to enjoy it with my boys. And now perhaps I can work up a few scenarios for “stocking stuffers”. Excellent!

    Thank you DoW!!!!

  6. CoffeeMan says:

    Are we gonna get another blog update soon?

  7. eric says:

    yes, sometimes next week we should be able to get a couple of new things out. We’re still catching up with tech support and such, but we’ll soon be back ;)!

  8. CoffeeMan says:

    Thanks for the response Eric 🙂

  9. Eric, you left a teaser on BGG recently about the next blog post which lead me to believe it will be something about painting the figures. Is that so – in other words, should I put off my painting a little longer for your next post – or am I mistaken and I should just get on with it? 😉

  10. CBA_Paul says:

    It’s next week now;)

  11. jarhead says:


  12. aslskfan says:


  13. CBA_Paul says:

    Please…wake up…I’m getting scared!

  14. eric says:

    We know. We’re fully awake and working.
    More news coming soon (in English, and in French, and German…).

  15. aslskfan says:


    This is easier for me to keep track of than the forums on the DOW website.

    Thanks Eric! 🙂

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