With BattleLore now finally shipping in quantities, a number of customer service issues are appearing:

  • The production dice are wearing out faster than acceptable. While we discovered this issue too late to fix it in the current batch of games, we will be offering anyone with a defective set a free replacement. New, more durable, screen-printed dice are being manufactured as of this writing. As soon as they are ready, we will be airshipping them to our warehouses for delivery to you, at our cost.
    All that will be required of you will be registering on our web site, using the web card number that comes on the back of every game’s Adventures Booklet. We will be setting up a special page, dedicated to this issue, as soon as these replacement dice become available.
  • As previously discussed in our forums, some figures (heavy human cavalry and archers in particular) are subject to bending in the lower tray of the game. An effective, yet simple fix is described in details here: http://blog.battlelore.com/bent/en/ .
    We are also looking into packaging alternatives for future releases.
  • The Online Adventure Editor, and a few support pages (Landmarks & Creatures Compendium) are not live yet.
    We are working around the clock to release these in a timely manner. We will post announcements as soon as these pages go live.
  • Due to the season and recent volume of games we have shipped, we might not be able to answer everyone’s questions or handle all the requests we receive in as timely a manner as we usually strive for.
    Please bear with us as we work on minimizing these delays.

We all worked very hard for many months to release this game. We are heartened and excited by the reception it has received so far, but we are truly disappointed that a few of the components fail to meet our own usual standards. Please be assured that we are and will continue to work hard to make it right.

Thank you for your support and understanding.


Eric Hautemont
CEO – Days of Wonder, Inc.

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33 Responses to “Apologies”

  1. JJR says:

    It is great to see a company stand by their product as much as DOW. I am very impressed. This game is great and I appreciate the dedication to quality and customer service.

  2. Thomas says:


    DoW couldn’t be more fair and responsible. Thanks!

  3. Meepo says:

    Awesome! You guys are the greatest. I am very, very pleased with BattleLore and its bright future.

  4. Tris says:

    Things go wrong for everyone at some point. What matters is your obvious dedication to putting it right.

    For contrast a while back I bought another game where, due to an issue with the glue they used, the manual fell apart completely. Their solution was to offer me the chance to pay for new rules to be delivered to me.

    I’m actually more impressed because of how you are dealing with this than I would have been if the problem hadn’t occurred in the first place 😀

  5. Old Dwarf says:

    Great Customer Service!BL is my first purchase from DoW &
    yes I have experienced these problems with my game(s).But
    your response in handling these matters is massively refreshing from
    things I have experienced from other companies.

    Looking forward to all the future expansions!

  6. nix says:

    A great big thank you to all at DoW. I know these seem like gigantic problems to you right now, but truthfully they are just minor blemishes on what is a fantastic game. To see you dealing with these issues in such a rapid and responsible fashion is marvelous and refreshing.

  7. Scragnoth says:

    This is what sets good comapnies apart from the grey bulk.
    Keep up the good work!
    The value for money is great and you guyz (and girlz) should get award for customer satisfaction.

    And that while I’m still waiting for my game which my shop haven’t received. Somehow I can’t get cracky when you know what you have been doing.

  8. Matthew says:

    Days of Wonder has the best games and customer service in this industry.

    Bar none.

  9. Matthew says:

    Given the cost of distribution, I wonder whether DoW should consider including a set of dice in one of the upcoming booster packs.

    That way those of us who were planning to buy the boosters anyway could get a new set of dice without DoW having to ship a set to us (individually). I am thinking particularly of overseas (such as Australian) buyers…

  10. Jim Crowley says:

    So far I have nothing but praise for DoW.

    I was sent a German language edition of BL (in the UK). One email was sufficient to get a replacement box (which I wasn’t expecting) and a new manual, scenario booklet and all the cardsets.

    And all of this in less than a week!

    I have every confidence in their ability to deliver solutions to these relatively minor but annoying problems and have to say that I am most impressed with BL: both the components and the gameplay are excellent!

  11. ThatBlokeTimbo says:

    Thanks for the update Eric,

    Admitting there are issues and then tackling them head on is a move that so many companies would avoid, like the others here I wholeheartedly thank you for showing us you do care about more than our cash.

    The fact you are on the boards almost 24/7 answering questions and then coming out with this post so soon after release shows you are commited to the product and makes me glad I gave you my hard earned cash and will continue doing so through expansions.


  12. Ozvortex says:

    DOW – Keep up the great communication. Mistakes and problems are more easily accepted and understood by the community when there is prompt, clear, open, honest communication.
    The desire of DOW to provide a quality product and your response to these initial teething problems is admirable. Thank you.

  13. Reaper Steve says:

    The first for the game, which I received today. I’m thoroughly impressed, and that’s saying something!
    The second for letting me order the Earth Elemental, which I did immediately upon opening the box.
    The third for your aggressive attack against the minor issues. You listed four, but you really only have one…the dice prob. Slightly bent plastic minis is nothing to get bent out of shape over, and I certainly wasn’t expecting the two online tools yet, so don’t beat yourself up too bad!
    Thank you for giving me exactly what I need to escape traditional mini games for good!

  14. Khess says:

    Impressive… Most Impressive…… I’m sorry I couldn’t resist! Keep up the amazing work! There is nothing more impressive than a mainstream corporation who actually shows empathy towards the everyday customer! Makes you Wonder why there aren’t many companies like that these Days… now I kow why they are called Days of Wonder!!!

  15. ZiNOS says:

    Just Happy Holidays to all you people at DOW.

    You have surely put a lot of effort to make our holidays better with the release of Battlelore.

    (now i have to go and buy more DOW products….your plan is working :P)

  16. snit27 says:

    Actually, DOW is a company out to make money. They are just simply doing what demanding customers expect…

    Ah, who am I kidding!?! Days of Wonder is the most phenomenal company in the boardgaming industry–truly cutting edge. I would love to see some kind of study done on how many other companies have changed their policies on customer service and increased their online interaction with the gaming community based on the amazing presence of Eric and the staff at Days of Wonder. Their dedication to the hobby borders on ministry…

    Thanks to DOW and those who support them! I think I may buy (yet) another DOW game based on this blogsite alone!

  17. aslskfan says:

    A will add my thankful voice to the others.

    Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  18. Martin Bond says:

    GREAT WORK all of you at Days of Wonder! By far the best games company I have come across so far! Thanks for all the great work on Battlelore and the swift responces at eh Forum.

    Battlelore is a GREAT looking game and it is keeping me alive just by looking at it during my last few exams in medical school! Will play it for the first time on the 18th of January, just after my final exam! As I said, KEEPING ME ALIVE!

    Again, Thanks to all and at DoW and Happy Holidays!

  19. Eric the Red says:

    Kudos to you all at DoW. This kind of response (fast, comprehensive, lacking spin), is great.

  20. Chris Taylor says:

    Eric, thanks!

    Wonderful game. Really enjoying it so far. Two of my friends also purchased it and we can’t wait to see how BattleLore grows and expands.


  21. Ronald says:

    For bent figures, I found another alternative solution. Just take a hair dryer and put it on high and aim it at the point where you want to adjust your figure. Angled right, it may return to it original position on it own othewise, move it back into position with your fingers and hold it in place until the plastic cools.

  22. Todd says:

    I have to give big props to Days of Wonder. I have never seen such a speedy responce in customer service before. It’s rare too see a company that not only has high production values and continually turns out a superior product, but also is very responsive to their customer base. I have been nothing but impressed with BattlLore since my purchase, I honestly think this one deserves the pattented “red tag” game of the year award. Congrats to DoW on yet another awsome product.

  23. Lee Langston says:

    I am pleased with the news about the replacement dice. I have seen some wear on mine already and now just need to know who to contact and when to get my replacements.

  24. Kevin says:

    My dice are not wearing out yet. I’ve already played about a dozen games but I guess I must be slacking. Back to the gaming table!

    Seriously, my dice are fine. Some of the figures were a little bent but following the instructions given on this site fixed them without a problem. BTW I really like the figures in this game. Your sculptor(s) did an excellent job. I’m looking forward to buying all future expansions.

  25. Steve B says:

    Update! Update! UPDATE!

    The teaser of new weapons (axes) from ‘The Raven’ on ballteloremaster.com has me jonesing for more…and implies that you have more ready to show!

    Thanks for the great game! Steve

  26. Paul W. says:

    I’m starting to get this strange twitch on the right side of my face. I need my fix…please give us something soon! Oh, the sweats are coming on…we need something before the shaking starts…Please!!!

    P.S. I love DoW!

  27. Wargoat says:


    I am very pleased that DoW is stepping up and treating all of us fairly. It’s customer service like this that makes me want to continue to support this company.


  28. Xanthos says:

    Thank you to everyone at DoW. You’ve been wonderful with customer support and of course produce awesome games that I and many enjoy. Have a great holiday and my best wishes for you in the year to come.

  29. Yves Van Herp says:

    Indeed, DOW has the finest customer support in the business: always ready to help, always answering our questions on the forums, and now THIS: replacing the dice.

    Thanks to Eric and all of the staff at DOW. A happy Xmas and a fine 2007 to all of you guys at DOW, and also to the members of the different DOW forums!

    Kindest regards,


  30. Greg says:

    I was just wondering….I bought my Battlelore off ebay….what’s the chance of getting those dice without a receipt? *Shrugs*

  31. Richard Lewis says:

    I also did not get a receipt Greg but your access code should be sufficient proof i would think.

  32. erickson says:

    I think its great that you are replacing the dice, note however that it would also be great if the green, blue and red helmets did not all look the same. My friend is color blind and can not detect which is which.

  33. Banjoboy says:

    I agree. I have difficulty telling the difference between blue and green on the dice, and on the banners… it’s beginning to slow down my game…..otherwise a brilliant game. congratulations!

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