Online Tools (part 1)

With the recent product shipping & all, a short entry this week (albeit an important one).

We just released the Lore Cards compendium, a comprehensive database of Lore cards published to date.

In time, we expect this tool to grow into a comprehensive, searchable directory of Lore cards, including FAQs specific to each cards, innovative ways to play them, and even end-user designed house rules!

Please bear with us as we progressively release additional Online tools (the Creature Compendium and the already announced Online Adventure Editor should be next).

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14 Responses to “Online Tools (part 1)”

  1. Jim says:

    Very interesting – a mechanism for commenting on individual cards and their interaction, rules questsions, etc. Should make figuring out rules questions on cards pretty easy.

  2. Khess says:

    Brilliant! I like the idea of individual card comments

  3. Ed Rozmiarek says:

    Looks like a good start. Just two comments on making it (hopefully) better.

    1) The lore cards appear to be sorted by cost. I would rather see them in alphabetical order. If the list grows very long, finding something in alphabetical order will be easier.

    2) How do I access the compendium(s) from the BattleLore home page? Sure I can access it now via this blog entry, but down the road when I need to look something up, I would expect this compendium (and the future ones) to found via a link on the BattleLore main page and not have to dig into the blog history.

    Other than those minor nits, looks like a good start.

  4. cbs42 says:

    The coolness of DoW and this game seems to not end. Thanks for this resource!

  5. eric says:


    Your comments are well taken.
    1) will be solved when we add the Search Engine feature;
    2) is on the list of things we do need to adjust and discussed earlier this morning (seems like Mind Read at play here)

    This is still definitively a work in progress… but we’ll get there, eventually. 😉

  6. JJR says:

    It is much better to have a work in process than nothing at all. Much appreciated!

  7. Adrimetum says:

    Thanks a lot for this!!

  8. MPJ says:

    Any plans on making a printable version of this for reference purposes? This would be outstanding to have at the game table..

  9. Steve Hill says:

    I am hoping that there will ultimately be a master FAQ document that contains all the various rulings that have appeared in the blogs and elsewhere.

    I think that the interactive lore card pages are a great way to gather information on what is confusing people.

    Can I add my appreciation to the efforts that DoW have put into supporting this a great game.

  10. aslskfan says:

    Now that the game is released will the blog continue, or should we take questions and comments to the forums on the DOW website?

  11. eric says:

    Questions and general comments are probably better if placed in the forums. But the Blog is by no mean done, in that we will have additional announcements and entries made here on a semi-regular basis over the coming weeks/months.

  12. CoffeeMan says:

    please make it weekly 😉

  13. JJR says:

    I really need the online adventure editor soon. I have already played through all the scenarios several times using variations. You can definitely really change the feel of each scenario when you have a different war council every time. This leads to the replay ability of the scenarios over and over again, but I am looking forward to making my own.

    I have to buy another copy to combine the boards and make Epic scenarios. I wonder if the online adventure editor will allow you to make Epic scenarios as well?

  14. Joshua says:

    I really like the online Lore Cards compendium. It reminds me of the good ole’ days of Star Wars CCG when Decipher had a way to comment and post strategies for each individual card. Keep up the good work Days of Wonder!

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