Busy shipping!

Products finally started shipping this week! Here follows a detailed explanation of what is happening this week and next. Important note: No matter how eager you might be to receive your game ๐Ÿ˜‰ we ask that you please do not contact us for additional information regarding your own specific order, since:

  • We will not be able to provide you with any more information than what follows.
  • And contacting us will just slow down our efforts to get your game and minis out the door as quickly as we possibly can.



Products started shipping out to distributors in each country earlier this week. Once the distributors receive their shipments, late this week or early next, they will immediately dispatch these games to their own resellers. Products – and promotional figures for the first orders in each country – should start appearing in stores on December 8, possibly earlier in a few places.

European web store pre-orders

Pre-orders placed on the Days of Wonder European web store (you were charged in Euros, if you did so) started shipping earlier this week. You have, or will receive, a confirmation e-mail with a link to track the delivery of your package as soon as your order is processed. If the link does not work (ie says something along the lines of “sorry, no tracking information is available”), do not contact us or panic! It just means that you clicked on the status at a time when the product was between our warehouse and the first transit station of our shipper, a short period of time during which no tracking information is available. Clicking on your link a day later will usually provide you with the information. Except for France (see below), all European pre-orders placed on our web store are shipping out of our German warehouse. In France, the games are being shipped out of our own facilities. A first batch left today, and more will follow throughout the week until all pre-orders have been processed. Again, please do not call or e-mail us.


If you were (France – Paris area only) among those customers who chose to visit our office to handpick your copy tonight, then you should have it as of this writing. ๐Ÿ˜‰


A few lucky Parisians, November 28, 2006

IN THE US AND REST OF THE WORLD (including Canada, Australia, …)

In the US –

Products started shipping out to distributors nationwide last Wednesday. The official ship date from distributors is set for Monday December 4, so this is the date upon which distributors will start shipping the games to their resellers. As a result, games should arrive to stores in your area by the end of next week. If you have pre-ordered from your local game store, this is when you will be able to pick up your copy of the game, along with the Hill Giant (if you were not given one earlier).

In other countries, including Canada, Australia, … –

The products are starting to go out to our various distributors’ shipping brokers this week. Date of actual availability in stores in your country will depend upon a number of factors (such as transit and customs time) out of our control. If you have questions regarding availability in those places, please contact your local reseller directly or have them talk to their regular distributors.

US web store pre-orders (including US, Canada, and pre-orders from other non-European countries)

If you placed a pre-order in our US web store (i.e if you paid in $, rather than Euros), then your game will ship early next week, at the same time US distributors are sending out games to their resellers. You will automatically receive an e-mail notification informing you that your order has been processed and shipped. If you opted for a method of shipment that provides tracking information (such as UPS), a link to that information will also be included in your e-mail notification. The exact date of delivery of your game will still depend on a number of factors such as your distance from our warehouse (in South Dakota), country of origin (if you live outside the US) and chosen method of shipping (UPS, parcel post, …) – so please do not contact us immediately regarding the whereabouts of your product.


Games in our South Dakota warehouse

Because we ended up shipping products out of our US warehouse later than we had hoped for, we have decided to help make up for it by:

  • Extending the cut-off date for the Hill Giant promotion for pre-orders placed in our US web store to December 6.
  • Summoning the Earth Elementals earlier than previously announced! ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you placed a pre-order in our US web store on or before December 6, then we will automatically ship you an Earth Elemental figure, along with your copy of the game! We will also add in the Hill Giant if it did not go out to you earlier. There is no need to contact us: this will all happen automatically.

Earth Elementals for US customers who did not purchase through our web store

The Earth Elemental figures will still be available at conventions and events throughout the US. However we know that many of you may not have a BattleLore event near you. To make sure that anyone who wants a figure, effective December 6, Earth Elementals will be available for a modest shipping and handling fee of $ 4.00 directly from our web site (or free of charge if you order other products at the same time). You will need to register your game, using the web access code provided in your copy of BattleLore, to access this promotion, which is limited to one Earth Elemental per copy of the game you register. Around the same time, we will also make demo kits available to stores, and volunteers wishing to run various events. Details about these demo kits and how to obtain them will follow in an upcoming blog entry. We look forward to getting the games out to you, and resuming our regular blog entries as soon as things settle down!

The entire DoW team

26 Responses to “Busy shipping!”

  1. Cek says:

    Wooohooo… For once I’m glad I’m in Europe when it comes to my gaming hobby! At least I get a few days extra gaming for my extra $20.

  2. Cek says:

    Just refreshed my tracking info and it says the shipment entered Sweden yesterday on the 28th since it’s past midnight. Woohooo!

  3. Old Dwarf says:

    So near……Great news about the EE inclusion,especialy as I just
    preordered a 2nd copy from the DoW Web Store!

  4. Scott Brooks says:

    Very, very decent of you guys to include the Earth Elemental on preorders – it just reinforces the fact that you guys are a great company who knows how to treat a customer well. Looking forward to many more purchases!

  5. Tookson says:

    You guys rock! Looking forward to the Earth Elemental! Everything I’ve read about this game makes me think it will be about the best two-player in my collection! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Iup says:

    Arrived yesterday… ๐Ÿ™‚ (italy)

  7. Myles Corcoran says:

    My tracking weblink says that the game arrived in Ireland yesterday and is at the depot. I’m seriously considering going down there tonight and breaking in to get my copy.

    Well, semi-seriously, but it’s a killer having to wait.

    Looks like it’s going to be a Battlelore Christmas in our house!

  8. aslskfan says:

    If we ordered two copies from our FLGS, can we combine the shipping on the two EE’s or is it still $4.00 each?

  9. Itchy Richy says:

    Arrived today in the UK.
    Hey, that rhymes!

  10. mzza says:

    Bah! I pre-ordered from my FLGS, looks like those who pre-ordered direct from DoW might get an extra couple of days play on me!

    Harumph! Harumph! Harumph!

    Why is it, after months of waiting, that the last few hours are the hardest…?!?

  11. eric says:

    yes, if you have multiple copies and you register them all before heading out to the web store to get the EE (post December 6th), you will only be charged once for shipping I believe. In any case, that’s how we will try and handle it.

  12. aslskfan says:

    Thanks Eric!!

  13. Tim says:

    Thanks for the Earth Elemental guys! This will make the final days of waiting a little easier…and harder!

  14. mzza says:

    Well, I just called my FLGS with baited breath (not an easy thing to do), and they immediately assured me that my BattleLore is ready and waiting for me to collect after work. The remaining 2.5 hours can’t pass soon enough. DoW, I salute you. I love you. I love you in a way that would get me locked-up in most countries, and I will ignore all restraining orders and continue to love you in a morally deviant, yet wholehearedly sincere manner, until the die / am arrested.

  15. mzza says:

    [edit] that should, of course, have been “until the day I die / am arrested”. It’s hard to type when you’re composing sinister stalker letters, ok??

  16. cbaPaul says:


    Where are you…in the US?

  17. mzza says:

    nope, UK… sorry if I gave you false hope, cbaPaul!

  18. cbaPaul says:

    That’s alright mzza…you know, I’ve always enjoyed being an American very much…but today I have a fleeting fantasy of being in the land of my ancestors. perhaps we could have been good mates and enjoyed a friendly evening game of Battlelore:)

    Although, I think I would have to leave the “morally deviant, yet wholeheartedly sincere” behavior to you…I just prefer to keep my unclean thoughts about Days of Wonder to my imagination;)

  19. Amarok says:

    Thank’s DOW

    I have the game:) in Portugal.

  20. Dirk says:

    The game has also arrived in the Netherlands! Let’s play!!!!

  21. carl says:

    My UPS tracking info says my game has just left Chicago and is heading easward to New York. Thanks DoW!

  22. apensari says:

    Still have not got shipping e-mail from DOW,although my game charged on 12/1 but at least my 2nd copy is due
    to arrive on the 6th from The War Store. I thought for
    sure I would get the one from DOW first. oh well, go Neil

  23. aslskfan says:

    Got my copies last night!

    My first impression is that the minis are smaller than I am used to seeing online. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Actually, it seems that the blue banner regular infantry figure is a bit smaller than the others.

    I did not have much time to really dig in last night, but I hope to tonight.

  24. JJR says:

    I ordered from DOW website and it was shipped on 12/4 and schedule for delivery today 12/8. The funny thing is that I never received a shipping confirmation. I emailed DOW and they immediated responded with my tracking info. THANKS!

  25. RONIN_EMS says:

    The game looks great and the production polish is impressive. I look forward to the Earth Elemental ($4 is very reasonable) but I live in Canada. I do hope direct shipping becomes available as waiting to contact Canadian Distributors is cumbersome and annoying.

  26. Arun says:

    Is there any way you guys could offer up the Hill Giant on your web store? It is selilng for >$40 on Ebay. Making the game a ‘collectible’ type will tarnish my otherwise fine image of your company.

    Offering the Earth Elemental for shipping is cool. Could the Hill Giant be sold for a reasonable cost? There are lots of us who would jump at the opportunity. Thanks.

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